About us

The School of Service is dedicated to helping companies and their employees make customer service meaningful again.


The art of customer service will:

  • increase revenues
  • delight customers
  • motivate employees
  • make eyes light up
  • build customer loyalty
  • be your best advertising

Has this happened to you?
You enter a shop and quickly realize that you're more of an inconvenience than a customer. Think back to your last ten shopping experiences. How many of those gave you the feeling that the employees really liked working there? Our job isn't to tell you that your customer service can achieve more, it's to show you how you can get there. Your customers will appreciate it!

Why is service so important?
Because it defines our entire day. In every restaurant or café, at every gas station and in every office, business transactions happen day in and day out. The quality of the service stays with the customers - for good and for ill.